Dynamic Delivery

America's Evolving Oil and Natural Gas
Transportation Infrastructure

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  • Summary
  • The summary provides an overview of the findings of the committee.
  • Table of Contents
  • Dynamic Delivery Report detailed Table of Contents.
  • Chapter 1. Supply and Demand
  • An examination of the supply and demand for energy and how the nature and location of those changes are expected to evolve.
  • Chapter 2. Infrastructure Resiliency, Mapping, and Analysis
  • A look at the history and current state of oil and gas infrastructure as well as how the different parts of the markets interconnect and are constrained by infrastructure.
  • Chapter 3. Permitting, Siting, and Community Engagement
  • How the existing regulations of oil and gas infrastructure assures safety, and economic and environmental protection.
  • Chapter 4. Technology Advancement and Deployment
  • How technology can improve safety, reliability, environmental performance, and protect public interests in the transport of oil and gas
  • Appendix A. Request Letter and Description of the NPC
  • The formal defining request for the study and how the NPC will meet those needs.
  • Appendix B. Study Group Rosters
  • Membership of the study group
  • Appendix C. List of Topic Papers
  • A selection of relevant papers identified by the study group
  • Full Report (including summary) in one file
  • PDF
  • Dynamic Delivery – Report Summary
  • Dynamic Delivery – Final Report

  • Link here for individual topic papers

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